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Please Eat Organic

Director, Producer and Editor

The 2023 short horror film Please Eat Organic, which Jacob directed and edited follows a group of wayward hippies who come across fundamentalist Mennonites in the 1970s. Inspired by horror films like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Please Eat Organic draws on themes of generational conflict and cult that culminate in a bloody finale.

Please Eat Organic had it's World Premiere at the Macabro Mexico City International Horror Film Festival in August 2023 and has since screened at The Toronto Indie Horror Film Festival, Toronto Short Film Festival and the South Texas Underground Film Festival.

14 mins/2023



The Water Brothers (Season 5)


This 2023 docuseries, which Jacob edited, explores numerous environmental topics in Ontario such as plastic and PFAS pollution, The World’s Oldest and Cleanest Waters, and the riveting landscapes of the Hudson Bay Lowands, also known as the Breathing Lands. See more.

~30 minute episodes / 2023 / Available to stream on TVO

*Nominated for Rob Stewart Award for Best Science or Nature Documentary Program or Series -Canadian Screen Award




The 2021 film, Programmed, which Jacob edited, follows Chris as he attempts to gain meaningful employment after a stint in prison. A collection of lies culminate in an explosive ending.

16 Mins / 2021

Endling 2018



The 2019 film, Endling, which Jacob edited, follows Amaia as she tries to preserve a dying world's surviving animals. Endling was screened most notably at Oaxaca International Film Festival where it took home Best Short Film - Sciene Fiction.


15 Mins / 2019 / IMDB / Vimeo

The Sunset Channel

The Sunset Channel


The 2018 film The Sunset Channel, which Jacob edited, follows a reclusive man named Robert who claims to have witnessed a drowning on the sunset channel. The film most notably screened at festivals such the Reykjavik International Film Festival, Sudbury Cinefest, and the LA Film Awards for which Jacob took home best editing. It is currently available to stream on Omeleto.

Winner - Best Editing - LA Film Awards


17 Mins / 2018 / IMDB / Trailer



Producer & Editor

The 2017 documentary Eastern, which Jacob produced and edited, follows the final season of renowned basketball high school Eastern Commerce and it's untimely closure. After a successful festival run, Eastern was picked up by TSN for national broadcast. It is currently available to stream on Youtube.

42 Mins / 2017 / IMDB / Trailer

Luna Li - Opal Angel (Live _ Marquee Sound)

Luna Li - Opal Angel (Live @ Marquee Sound)


A live session with Toronto multi-instrumentalist, Luna Li.

Available to stream on YouTube.

Last Ride Through Regent

Last Ride Through Regent


The 2017 documentary, Last Ride Through Regent, which Jacob edited, chronicles the gentrification of one of Toronto's most beloved neighbourhoods, Regent Park. Through the eyes of director Dwayne Sybbliss, Last Ride Through Regent tells us what it means to live as a community through a generation of displacement and construction.

34 mins / 2017

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